Last night marked the 2nd time that loveasaurus has helped to coordinate a collaborative event at Clay Pots Baltimore (these guys have an incredible space, a great mission, and are really nice folks to boot), and it had all the hallmarks of a lovely evening!  KissKissPlayers and her fantastic cats traded songs, ranging from originals, to string arrangements of Radiohead, to a couple of pretty remarkable shared performances, culminating in a goofy but (relatively) sincere take on mega-Radio-Hit from ’98 “amazed” by the band lonestar.

Community members at the coffee house warmed up to the presence of a string trio in their midst, and folks seemed fascinated by the “cats’s” stomping box.  An impromptu set of magic and music from community member Ben closed out the evening.  thanks to everyone who supported this lovely evening- see you in 2 weeks!

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Claypots and Lovesaurus make sweet sweet love

Man oh man. It’s a beautiful thing when creative minds and community organizing collide. Last week, Loveasaurus teamed up with the crew over at Claypots to present “XO”. In case you’ve never heard of Claypots, lemme break it down for you. Claypots is a  free “coffeeshop” in SoWeBo, focused on providing residents in the area a safe, community oriented atmosphere where they can mingle with their neighbors, grab some tutoring lessons, or even just play boardgames.

Jeff Brunell and Jay Rees got the people going, playing tunes deep into the evening. Sing-a-longs and smiles were abound. Doesn’t get much better than an acoustic guitar and a honky tonk piano. Jeff Bothe even pulled out his geetar and plucked a song or two.

Make sure to come on out next Thursday, I challenge you to a game of scrabble! The Kisskiss players and Jason Reed will be collaborating! February 24th, 7:30pm, 1635 W. Pratt St.


–> check out Claypots on facebook <–


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X’s & O’s

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“Life Boat” by Wing Dam: Inaugural Loveasaurus Cassette Release!

Every copy of "Life Boat" features unique artwork on the clear blue cassette itself -- no two are alike! Wing Dam's first full-length album contains the Wing Dam EP, released last fall, along with six exclusive tracks. A purchase of the cassette includes a digital download card redeemable on bandcamp.

It’s official: the Loveasaurus tape duper is in full effect! The first release is the album “Life Boat” by Wing Dam, in a limited run of 100 clear blue tapes with handmade artwork. And the tapes are cheap! Like, $3 cheap! To grab a copy before they run out, head over to wingdam.bandcamp.com !

Wing Dam live at the Windup Space, Dec. 30 (photo courtesy of Abram Sanders)

Wing Dam is Austin Tally, previously of Silent Whys. This new solo project shifts his focus from acoustic instrumentation to slight electronics, swirling synths and heartbeat-pulse drum pads, rich backup harmonies and percussive vocal loops. The project is named after the wing dam on the Delaware river, near his hometown of New Hope, PA, where Austin and his friends would spend time and get into trouble. The music of Wing Dam bubbles like the Delaware river over submerged logs, wet moss, soft banks.

Coming from a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in poetry, Wing Dam’s Life Boat attempts to breathe new life into the lyrical possibilities of music that could fall under the “pop” header. While these songs may be easy to listen to, they are by no means as simple as they appear on the surface.

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YAHOOO!!< SILENT WHYS< because we love you.

Loveasaurus is proud to present “Our Rook”, a lovely little time capsule from one of Baltimore’s sweetest sounding duo’s. This bittersweet record takes on an even more melancholic tone with the knowledge that the band is no more. Taking their name from an ee cummings poem, Silent Whys were Austin Tally and Amanda Glasser, who met in Baltimore in early 2009.  At live shows, the duo performed traditional folk/bluegrass songs as well as original material. They didn’t not use any backing musicians, often singing and playing kick drum and a melodic instrument at the same time, and switching off roles throughout sets. The duo’s sound is warm and accessible, reveling in melancholy. They craft beautiful bedroom folk-pop that fans of Iron and Wine, Brightblack, Deer Tick, and Small Sur will immediately recognize. The music features a variety of acoustic instruments, including guitar, banjo, accordion, dulcimer, mandolin – but synthesizer, electric bass and lap steel make an appearance from time to time. Our Rook, is the duo’s first – and perhaps final – full length album. Featuring appearances by many talented Baltimore musicians, the record comprises eight songs written between 2009 and 2011, a collection of the duo’s favorites from that time.

Silent Whys is:
Amanda Glasser: vocals, accordion, guitar, percussion, glockenspiel, bowed Dobro
Austin Tally: vocals, guitar, electric bass, Dobro, mandolin, Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, keyboards, lap steel

Andy Abelow: saxophone (Song for Cicada), vocals (Lay Me Down)
Dan Cohan: percussion/drums (Waltz for October, Home)
Sianna Plavin: vocals (Lay Me Down)
Alex Champagne: vocals (Lay Me Down)

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman
Recorded at Mobtown Studios
Engineered by Alex Champagne
Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman & Alex Champagne
Baltimore, MD
Jan. 2011- Jan. 2012

Released on Loveasaurus Records!

Cover art: “Ambient Circle (Black)” by D’Metrius Rice

Special thanks to: Mat and Alex at Mobtown, everyone else who contributed to the album, our parents, all our friends – and a special shout out to Kelly Adams, who came to every single show! Mike Nestor and the Beechfields (RIP), Jason Reed and Loveasaurus Records, John Lichtefeld and Environmental Aesthetics, everyone we’ve played shows with and every venue we’ve played at!

All songs written by Silent Whys.credits



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Sea Couch are awesome!!!

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It’s Good To Be Me…

Ah, the perks.  While the rest of you poor suckers will have to wait for Friday’s Show, I’ve got a pre-release copy of Sea Couch’s debut record “Satellites” right here.  11 gorgeous performances captured live with beautiful transparent production by Loveasaurus in-house noise wizard Nate “Whoazenga” Pauzenga.  I’m all about blurring the distinction between the “haves” and the “have-nots”, so here’s a track to hold you over until friday.  Remember the tattered old blanket you had as a child?  You held it so close you wore holes in it’s seams, and the thread got so thin it started to look barely even real?  Hold this music that close.  See you Friday.

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